Iroko Trees Fighting Climate Change

Yes, you did not hear it wrong. Iroko trees are fighting against climate change.
Iroko Trees are grown from the coasts of West Africa. Sometimes called Nigerian teak tree, this tree is hard, thick and very durable. For this reason, it is mainly used in outdoor furniture production. The furniture produced from the Iroko hardwood can be used for many years without losing the form of its appearance on its first day. In addition to these magnificent features of the Iroko tree, the value of the highly beneficial tree increased more, because of the recently discovered ecological balance.
Olivier de Schutter, Reporter of the United Nations Food Expert, thinks that Iroko trees can play a role in combating climate change with the exploration of the long-term carbon sequestration effect. Iroko trees can transform carbon dioxide emissions into micro-scale limestone enriching the soil. This process consists of several actions: the carbon dioxide is cleared from the atmosphere and the dry, acidic soil is made more efficient for agriculture.
Wood Carbon Dioxide Converts to Limestone
Iroko trees are only one of the handful of species found in Africa and the Amazon, which convert carbon atmospheric to limestone minerals. In this study, scientists looked at many germ-tree combinations to lock and recognize carbon dioxide as limestone, and they found that the Iroko-microbe route gave the best result.
From the Faculty of Geosciences at Edinburgh University – Bryene Ngwenya said the following “By utilizing this natural limestone production process, we can enrich farming conditions in tropical countries while keeping carbon in the atmosphere easy, safe, low-tech and easy to work with”.
In the developing world there is great potential for afforestation projects to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Together with the use of micro- and Iroko trees, afforestation programs can improve soil fertility, improve the carbon sequestration balance of carbon trade initiatives, and even be used to promote agroforestry for the benefit of rural communities.

The Shining Star of the Middle East Dubai and the Turkish Furniture Sector

BAE (United Arab Emirates), is one of the fastest growing economies in the Middle East. Especially In retail shopping and high quality in the center of residential properties, BAE, is becoming a heavy industrial country. With this growing globalization and industrialization, the furniture industry in the region has emerged as one of the strongest industries.
Furniture manufacturers and suppliers, are among the most important contributors to infrastructure development in the country. With the growing population in large cities, great demand has emerged for modern and stylish furniture products. In addition, this sector has a significant contribution to the national economy through its national and international affairs.

United Arab Emirates Furniture Industry view
The International Trade Center estimates that by 2015, about 3.9 billion dollars worth of furniture was imported by BAE, according to another BAE survey on imports. This figure was 1.9 billion dollars in 2011. As of the end of 2017, BAE furniture imports are estimated to be over 4 billion dollars. Garden furniture is in demand especially due to its climate characteristics.
Another industry report from the data compiled by Dubai Exports shows that BAE is the leader in the Gulf. In the production of furniture with more than 600 furniture manufacturing units operating in the country. In addition, the report said that the BAE furniture sector investments were more than 270 million dollars last year. This represents about 1.2% of the total manufacturing sector investment in the country. The major sectors where furniture is used collectively include hospitals, schools, institutions, offices, and hospitality and industrial establishments.

In 2011 Turkey exported a total of 17 million dollars worth of furniture to Dubai. After 2013, Turkish companies started to open branches in Dubai and surrounding cities
These companies have chosen to design their own designs for the Gulf region and to export their products to the region. Rapidly growing demand and export figures are now attracting attention

Personalized Garden Furnished Designs

Custom furniture design are usually done by companies that manufacture. A service which provides an advantage for the consumer. We can evaluate it as following; rather than buying a suit from a store, you make use of the craftsmanship of a tailor.
Extra-large dining tables can be produced in specially designed furniture, and a garden swing for 2 persons can be enlarged for 3 people. Chair length, depth can be customized.
The consumer may require changes in the dimensions of the product or may be found asking for a different material. For example, instead of a walnut tree, they might want it to be made from the Iroko tree. With this, it is possible to make custom design on the cushion of the product fabric. Different colors different patterns
We, ByHoreca became specialized in personalizing garden furnished designs. We can make the desired changes in the dimensions of the products in the direction of the customer demand and we can produce furniture suitable for venues.

Indispensable of Outdoor Furniture

We ByHoreca usually produce our outdoor furniture from the Iroko tree.
Why Iroko tree?
The Iroko is resistant against erosion caused by water, moisture and the sunlight, it is for these features why it’s used in parquet, yacht, yacht, ship and decks because of these properties and it is a miraculous tree species is why we prefer to produce long lasting products especially on wet floors in outdoor furniture, which is one of the most resistant species of water and dampness to sunlight erosion.
The Iroko tree grows in the African rainforest. The species is similar to the teak tree that grows in Asia’s rain forests. The height of this tree occasionally reaches 130 meters and grows fast, and therefore the use of the tree as an endeavor does not disturb the natural equilibrium
Iroko wood takes on a yellowish color after it is processed, it turns into brown in 1 month when it is transferred with oxygen. The lime has a very stylish appearance with a clearer tone compared to the color of the coffee.
Iroko hardwood takes on a yellowish color after it is processed, it turns into brown in 1 month when it comes in contact with oxygen. The lime has a very stylish appearance with a clearer tone compared to the color of the coffee.
Iroko wood is indispensable for durable furniture due to its hard and high density structure. It is the most suitable choice for outdoor furniture, long life. The Iroko tree is highly resistant to natural decay, insects and diseases. Once the Iroko hardwood is processed, it never loses shape.
Use our indispensable raw material of stylish and durable exterior furniture for many years with our Iroko hardwood furniture

Garden Furniture 2018 Trends

2018 The year geometric-shaped and patterned designs emerged
We have seen magnificent shades of geometric lines in simple products. Fabricated products called aluminum and rope were among the designs that caught the eye. This year, in garden furniture, designs are the way to go. Varieties on tables, chairs with string of cross braids are the ones that caught the most eye. The designs which use kte are seen intensely.
In detail of the race of elegance, hardwood everywhere
In detail, stylish designs are currently on the front. Good design, stylish details and bold details are now in.
This year white colored designs are often used. While products are made of durable and aesthetic materials for a long period of use, comfort is kept at maximum levels. The use of hardwood continues to increase, warm designs please us.

Extra Large Garden Furnitures for Large Families

Large families, a large team and a nice garden. Missing extra-large garden furniture. We, ByHoreca, are proud to offer an extra-large openable dinner table for 14 people.
All the members of the family around the same table in a family invitation or a festive dinner. It’s a perfect opportunity to create fabulous memories. A great detail with 14 full-length chairs with the opening-and-closing feature that enhances the gardens outdoor efficiency.

It is a product that can be indispensable for large families, crowded guests, or for employees in an office with a garden-terrace. Extra-large garden furniture is increasingly demanding. 3-person garden swings, spacious and comfortable seating groups ….
Producing larger, wider, more comfortable products requires expertise and experience. It is necessary to have knowledge to make specialized production in line with customer needs.
One of the things to be aware of when getting an extra-large garden furniture is to make sure that the quality is not lost during production. The production should be of the same quality and comfort.

When Choosing Garden Furniture

Things to Consider When Choosing Garden Furniture

Garden furniture, adds aesthetics to outdoor spaces, very useful furniture which makes empty spaces functional. There are a few things to consider when choosing garden furniture.

1 – Choose weather-resistant, long-lasting products
When we decide to buy garden furniture, we have to make sure that the product is durable and long-lasting. To prevent the deformation in short time on garden furniture, it is necessary for the outdoor furniture to be produced from durable and high quality raw materials, which can be used for many years without losing its functionality. We ByHoreca use the most durable raw material in outdoor furniture, Iroko hardwood. Furniture made from Iroko hardwood, which originated from African rainforests, is resistant against all external factors such as external rain, sun, humidity. You can use the furniture for many years without losing its form.

2 – Quality materials and good workmanship
A product produced from high quality raw materials should be accompanied by a skilled workmanship. Therefore it is beneficial for you to choose companies that manufacture these. Places that have their own production facility that make specialized products and take in to consideration customer demands are always advantageous.
3 – After-Sales Service Installation Maintenance-Repair Problems
You have found a product of good quality, long life and good workmanship. What about after? How will the product be delivered to you? Who is going to set it up? How should this be done when after-sales maintenance is required? You should clarify all these questions with the company. Companies that manufacture their products will make use of their employee to deliver and set the product up at location. They usually do either payed or free maintenance on their products for up to 2-3 years.

4- Comfortable design, medium hard cushion and non-tarnish fabric should be preferred
The comfort of the cushion garden furniture is very important in terms of health. It is important that the selected furniture is of a quality that does not cause back, back and muscle pain. In addition, the fabric used must be water-resistant and of good quality. All these details require attention.

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