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About By Horeca

Our adventure in the production of patio furniture started in a small workshop in Istanbul Atasehir at 2001, has enabled us to meet with hundreds of institutional and thousands of individual happy customers in our country and abroad as a result of our steady increase in our momentum.


Patio Furniture

Outdoor Furniture

Patio, garden, pergola, balcony etc. the furniture type which is produced for outdoor use is generally called patio furniture as well as the products of the same type, such as garden furniture and outdoor furniture.

As a product variety is garden seating group, garden swing, garden umbrella, patio cahirs, patio table, outdoor bench, patio set, pergola products such as garden furniture.

Garden furniture is made of wood, rattan, bamboo and various metals and because of its natural, healthy, long-lasting and aesthetic nature, the most preferred material is wood. The most ideal types of wood for patio furniture are the world-known woods known for their weather resistant teak and iroko names. The fact that the teak trees are economically at a high price and that the demands cannot be met by the natural teak trees, farm environments have accelerated the growth of the tree with unnatural techniques, and consequently the quality of the tree has decreased. For this reason, African iroco tree which is an alternative to teak, has become the most preferred outdoor furniture material. Today most of the production is made using iroko tree.