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What is maintenance of garden furniture?

As a natural result of outdoor weather conditions, some symptoms such as graying over time, fat and deformation appearing by preservation of preservative agents, and some problems such as image deformity and lifespan will be shortened. Therefore, it is recommended that experts carry out routine maintenance procedures every year.

How made garden furniture maintenance?

The wooden garden furniture used during the summer is sanded with the number of sanding according to the effect of deformation when autumn arrives. Sanding is carried out until glazing or old markers are removed. The surface is smoothened with the smallest sandpaper called the last zero sandpaper. Breaks, distortion, rusting of the fasteners, etc., are made and the necessary part is replaced or repaired. Subsequently, all wood surfaces are treated with protective oil and protective oil known as teak oil and left to dry. When the drying process is finished, it is kept ready for use for the next summer in a suitable area.

If you wish, we can do all these operations for you. If you contact us with your maintenance and repair requests, we will dispatch your products from every district of Istanbul, we will deliver the garden furniture maintenance to your address when it is finished.

All spare parts needs and, if necessary, complete the repair work, the first day of your products as you meet again. All products we use for protection purposes are composed of world famous German brands which do not harm the nature and human health.