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By Horeca Patio Table And Chairs MS112

By Horeca Patio Table And Chairs MS112
By Horeca Patio Table And Chairs MS112

• Our table is made from African iroko wood.
• The iroko tree comes to the forefront with its aesthetic and durable structure.
• It is highly resistant to decay, bark beetle infestation and diseases. With these properties, it is a preferred tree. Especially it is used for outdoor furniture construction.
• The area of use of iroko tree is also quite wide. It is frequently preferred in garden furniture, wooden table, wooden sitting group, parquet, boat, yacht, ship, deck construction.
• Our this product is preferred especially in wooden table, balcony table, garden table, garden furniture, cafe furniture and summer furniture category.
• We also have products in table category made from Swedish pine and walnut trees.

Note: The chairs have been used for visual purposes and the table is sold single. Our products are produced in our factory in Istanbul.

  • Model: MS112
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