Extra Large Garden Furnitures for Large Families

Large families, a large team and a nice garden. Missing extra-large garden furniture. We, ByHoreca, are proud to offer an extra-large openable dinner table for 14 people.
All the members of the family around the same table in a family invitation or a festive dinner. It’s a perfect opportunity to create fabulous memories. A great detail with 14 full-length chairs with the opening-and-closing feature that enhances the gardens outdoor efficiency.

It is a product that can be indispensable for large families, crowded guests, or for employees in an office with a garden-terrace. Extra-large garden furniture is increasingly demanding. 3-person garden swings, spacious and comfortable seating groups ….
Producing larger, wider, more comfortable products requires expertise and experience. It is necessary to have knowledge to make specialized production in line with customer needs.
One of the things to be aware of when getting an extra-large garden furniture is to make sure that the quality is not lost during production. The production should be of the same quality and comfort.

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