When Choosing Garden Furniture

Things to Consider When Choosing Garden Furniture

Garden furniture, adds aesthetics to outdoor spaces, very useful furniture which makes empty spaces functional. There are a few things to consider when choosing garden furniture.

1 – Choose weather-resistant, long-lasting products
When we decide to buy garden furniture, we have to make sure that the product is durable and long-lasting. To prevent the deformation in short time on garden furniture, it is necessary for the outdoor furniture to be produced from durable and high quality raw materials, which can be used for many years without losing its functionality. We ByHoreca use the most durable raw material in outdoor furniture, Iroko hardwood. Furniture made from Iroko hardwood, which originated from African rainforests, is resistant against all external factors such as external rain, sun, humidity. You can use the furniture for many years without losing its form.

2 – Quality materials and good workmanship
A product produced from high quality raw materials should be accompanied by a skilled workmanship. Therefore it is beneficial for you to choose companies that manufacture these. Places that have their own production facility that make specialized products and take in to consideration customer demands are always advantageous.
3 – After-Sales Service Installation Maintenance-Repair Problems
You have found a product of good quality, long life and good workmanship. What about after? How will the product be delivered to you? Who is going to set it up? How should this be done when after-sales maintenance is required? You should clarify all these questions with the company. Companies that manufacture their products will make use of their employee to deliver and set the product up at location. They usually do either payed or free maintenance on their products for up to 2-3 years.

4- Comfortable design, medium hard cushion and non-tarnish fabric should be preferred
The comfort of the cushion garden furniture is very important in terms of health. It is important that the selected furniture is of a quality that does not cause back, back and muscle pain. In addition, the fabric used must be water-resistant and of good quality. All these details require attention.

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